Membership Portals

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Membership Portals

Start increasing your revenue today with a Membership Portal.

You provide the content and we do the rest!

One of the most lucrative ways you can achieve passive income is by building a Membership Portal for your customers.

Think of your membership portal as a special treasure chest of all your materials that is protected. Imagine delivering a course or program that allows your members to access the materials 24/7 as well as purchase your programs at any time of day or night. 

It’s a private online portal where they can privately and securely access materials about your products, programs and services for a monthly or yearly fee. Best yet, YOU control all the content. And you can also monitor client activity at any time.

For instance, if you have a 6-week coaching program, you can use your Membership Site to house all of the materials, including:

  • the call schedule and recordings
  • handouts and worksheets
  • reference and resource materials
  • specific lead magnets that upsell to your current members to other products and services, etc.
  • and more

Before they gain access, your prospects and clients have to pay their fee (which is all automated – we know exactly how to integrate various online payment systems with many types of membership sites). Then they’ll receive their own private username and password to gain access.

Here’s more on how you can benefit from a Membership Portal:

  • create and sell unlimited online courses and programs
  • include upsells to other products and services
  • control the content, access and activity (yep, there’s even metrics for that)
  • sell a range of unlimited digital products
  • embed an affiliate center to further support your product/service marketing

A Membership Portal is one of the easiest ways to leverage your materials and scale your business (and make more money!).

All you need is a crack team of techies and you can consider the job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s helpful if you are at least in the 6 figure income range.

We start off with a kickoff call that’s about 60 minutes. We review what you are looking for (the end goal) and I create a plan on how to get there. I send over the plan to you for review and once you approve we get going! If we are creating a membership portal, there is a special content planning worksheet that we ask you to fill out so we have a better idea of the course you are creating.

We use WordPress with some amazing plugins that create the membership portal of your dreams. We are happy to help you decide which platform is right for your business and goals.

Typically we take 4-6 weeks for the basic membership portal and 6-8 weeks for the custom membership portal. Please note that the clock starts ticking once we have all your materials to start the project. During the entire process we will keep you apprised of where we are so you know what’s going on!

Our membership portal packages include training on how to navigate and make changes to the portal yourself. We can also recommend ongoing technical support for your portal.

No worries! We will guide you through the process of buying your domain, hosting and the membership portal. There’s no need to have a regular website to get started.

Our specialized training videos will show you how to update this yourself when you have it all sorted out.

There’s no ongoing costs to pay to us, you will need to pay subscriptions to a few services we use to create your membership portal. We’ll let you know the exact ones and costs when we get started.

Yes, we take credit cards and Paypal. Let us know if you need a payment plan and we will set that up for you as well.

It’s easy! Just schedule a call here and we will get the process going. Once we know what you are looking for I’ll send over a proposal with costs and options.

So what are you waiting for?

Ask us today about implementing Membership Portals with Sharon Benson Team to grow your business!


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